Dimensions : 8.75″W x 18″L x 19.5″H

Weight: 44 lbs

Cold Tank: 1 Gallon

Hot Tank: 0.5 Gallon

Cooling: 1.5 gal/hour

Heating 1.3 gal/hour

Designed with the Water Service Dealer in mind, the H2O-650 features the full capacity and reliability of our industry leading tower units, in the footprint of counter top.

The H2O-650 dispenses both hot and cold water, surgical grade stainless steel hot and cold tanks, and a best in class LG compressor.

The H2O-650 comes standard with Built in 4 stage Ultra Filtration.

4-Stage Ultra Filtration:

Stage 1: Sediment Filter (5 micron)

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter (1 micron)

Stage 3: Ultra Filtration Membrane (0.02 micron)

Stage 4: Post Carbon Filter (0.5 micron)