H2O’s proprietary and patent pending solution to Sparkling & Soda Water’s ever increasing popularity, our Sparkling retrofit system is designed for compatible installation on our entire water cooler line.

Our revolutionary design features a multi stage inline carbonation system, with no static carbonation tank. This allows for near unlimited sparkling water production limited only by a cooler’s cold tank and cold water cooling capacity.

Additionally the system is built to be robust and extremely durable allowing for CO2 variance of 50-85 PSI , giving installers, technicians, and operators additional control over CO2 levels, consistency, texture, and CO2 concentration within your sparkling water.


Power Consumption 120W
110V~127V AC / 50-60Hz
Active Water Pressure : Up to 165 PSI
Maximum Flow Rate : 1.35 GPM
CO2 Operating pressure : 50-85 PSI


316L Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel

USA Assembly & Quality Control