The Veloce Air Purifier, Model BA1230, features a multi staged H13 HEPA filtration that can quickly reduce airborne contaminants by 97%.


1. H13 HEPA 0.3 Micron Filtration
2. Bacteriostatic Filtration Layer
3. Activated Carbon


• True HEPA Filtration 0.3 Microns
• Energy Efficient
• Ultra Quiet Operation, less than 23 db
• 170 CADR: Clean Air Delivery Rate
• Ultra Violet Disinfection
• LED Night Light Function
• 3 Speed Microprocessor Controlled
• Japanese Brushless DC Motor
• Sleep Timer
• Night Time Function
• CARB Certified
• EPA Registered : 98681-CHN-001

Multi Staged H13 HEPA air filtration, at a CADR 170, can filter a 327 ft² space 4 times in 60 minutes or less; and a 650 ft² room in less than 30 minutes.

No particles larger than 0.3 microns get through the multistage H13 HEPA filtration system; reducing pet dander, dust as well as pollen, pet allergic, coughing, sneezing, chronic allergies and seasonal allergy by up to 97%. CE / RoHS / ETL / EPA / CARB certified and listed, the Veloce Air Purified is built with quality and reliability and features a 2 year replacement and 5 year parts warranty.

Beautifully and Elegantly Designed, the Veloce Air Purifier fits seamlessly into any space. At only 5.8 lbs and consuming only 24W, the Veloce Air Purifier is an efficient, compact, and easy to install system; if it weren’t for the night light feature, you probably wouldn’t even notice the unit, which can run at an ultra-quiet 23 db.