Our Partners

Your success is as important to us as ours. We guarantee we will work to grow our distributors’ businesses as an integral part of our business strategy. How do we keep that promise? To start, we are constantly monitoring the water industry looking for new technologies and components to improve our state-of-the-art products.

Become a Wholesaler

  • Wholesalers are a crucial part of our supply chain.  To help ensure our wholesalers’ success, we provide:
  • Exceptional OEM products with industry leading prices
  • White/Private product labeling
  • Bulk custom manufacturing capabilities
  • Distribution centers strategically located throughout North America

Become a Dealer

We go further to boost your success with our products.  To do that we provide:
  • Protected territories
  • Pre-screened and pre-qualified leads and referrals
  • Sales support and training
  • Technical support and training (9am-8pm EST weekdays)

Become a Reseller

We help our resellers succeed.  To achieve that goal, we provide:
  • Drop shipment of custom configurations directly to customers
  • Free technical support for end user customers
  • Live CSV product feeds for easy propagation and widgets for ecommerce sites
  • Easy CSV batch order upload interface for quick manual order submissions
  • API product feeds and order uploads for easy automation